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Integrated Aircraft Asset Management Services


Acumen offers asset management services for the complete lifecycle of the aircraft to lessors / owners, financiers and investors.

A one-stop-shop for all your asset management requirements

Commercial Lease Management

Sourcing aircraft for acquisition on behalf of investors

Assist in LOI and contract negotiation

Trading and remarketing

Invoice the lessees for all payments due and monitor for timely payments of all rents, MR, redelivery payments, late charges etc.

Lease review in accordance with the lease agreement

Lessee default review

Maintaining and reviewing lease documentation

Formation & Structuring

Assist in Company Formation

Assist in Shareholding Structure

Agreements with service level provider for Accounting and Administration

Establishing Procedures Manual

Bank Account Maintenance and Mandates

Preparation of Board Meetings

Management Accounts


Assist in calculating and filing Irish taxes.

Payment of corporation and other taxes

Payment of tax and filing of returns

Assist in payment and submission of payroll tax returns

Assist in preparation of Sales Tax returns

Technical Management

Lessee compliance with technical obligations in leases

Work scope content in connection with MR reimbursements

Aircraft and Engine deliveries and re-deliveries

Research and Analysis of maintenance costs

Forecasting and reserve rates

Monitoring compliance with regulatory authority requirements

Arranging appropriate third party storage and on-going maintenance of off-lease Aircraft

Arranging audits of operators’ operations and records condition

Physical inspections

Transaction due diligence