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Inspection Services


Acumen acknowledges the efforts invested by your team in finding the right house for your valuable asset. A smooth transition between leases is a pre-requisite to building a lasting relationship with the operator. We provide these services using our new age service delivery tool - SPARTA®.

Precursor to building a strong portfolio

Aircraft Delivery

Ensure compliance with delivery conditions as per lease agreement

Liaise with Technical Management Team

Coordination for aircraft delivery to lessees/operators

Contract Management
Aircraft Maintenance Audits

Mid-lease airplane and records' audit

Annual technical audits

Aircraft Check Monitor

Due diligence inspections

Monitoring of major maintenance on behalf of clients

And other audit services to keep our clients' aircraft up to date & up to the mark

Financial Management
Aircraft Return or Redelivery

Compliance inspection as per lease return conditions

Liaise with Technical Management Team

Report on defects and/or non-compliance issues

Coordination for potential customer inspections

Capital Markets/Lease Structuring Advisory
Aircraft Pre-purchase Inspection Services

Acumen provides a detailed review of Aircraft Physical condition, and Aircraft Records Evaluation including possible exposures on the asset that you intend to bring into your books. Thus, supporting you in a well-informed decision making process.